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Hello... I'm back~  (to here again for today)

Wanna share the News part of Shounen Club Premium which aired yesterday. This's the news cut about "Arashi Live Tour Are You Happy? in Tokyo Dome" only. I believe I've uploaded it this morning, but I don't remember that I haven't share it here yet? OK, Without further ado, here the links *click pic below

File detail :
size  : 88.2 mb
resolution  : 1280x270 (not hq tho)
duration  : 00:06:18
format  : .mp4
links on g-drive *you can streaming before/without download it
video source : Arashi España

Happy Watching~!



The venue...

The usual concert greeting from Sho-chan and Jun-kun

And in MC part, the way Leader speaks here looks so cute~ >.< *hope this will be on DVD, wanna know what they're talking about

the set of Sho-chan's solo seems like Ken's house :D

Leader's solo, as expected, his dance always cool *.* and his video back really amusing :D

Jun-kun's solo, maybe coz the title of his solo song, so Jr. wear blue costum. not only that, Jun-kun's face also looks like a sweet baby ^.^

And Wow!! Nii show us his dance on his solo part in this concert too! Kakkoii na~

Aiba's solo is cute, like free flying birds dance :D

And then.... on Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi! Nii and Leader!! >o<

  Aa~~ I love this moment ❤




ijou desu ^_^




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