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Hi, I'm visiting this account for a moment, yeah, just wanna escape briefly from my boring real life, and wanna know how this dreamwidth works on post,. hm... may be I should fix the links on My List post in here too, since most of it still linking to original post on my livejournal. Well... visiting without some omiyage wouldn't be fun, so I've something to share in here as well. . and 'cause this's February, I try to share something that related to 'love' though it just my one-sided love, *I still looks forward to your wedding invitation dear my yonkyuGo who will be grow older on 25th of this month~ #plak,
ok, please ignore my 'hen' words just now. here the files that I wanna share, this's not recent performance, just a performance which related to this month like I said before, and as always, please don't hotlink/share the download link /re-upload/re-post these files elsewhere if you're interested to taking it.

[Bittersweet (Valentine day's SP Performance) - Arashi on Music Station 2014.02.14]
-subbed +karaoke effect-

Bahasa Indonesia sub                                                                           English sub

-open the thumbnails on new tab to see the detail clearly-

credits :
raw provider : Zahirah
Bahasa lyric translation : inung_sense
English lyric translation : yarukizero
font style : bythebutterfly

and here some scene of performance that I love so much!

Kirakira Ouji-sama was back (Yamada & Mimura) :D                                          F4 of HanaDan! hihi..

Aiba & Nii-san :D                                                                                   "Oi girl, what're you doing with my J!" said Leader, #plak

always love to see 'Arashi hold each of shoulder formation(?)'             Sho-chan >.< your gaze almost makes me fall... #plak

[Fukkatsu LOVE - Arashi on Music Station 2016.02.26]
-subbed +karaoke effect-

Bahasa Indonesia sub                                                                           English sub

-open the thumbnails on new tab to see the detail clearly-

credits :
raw provider : amnoslove
Bahasa lyric translation : inung_sensei
English lyric translation : yarukizero

That's all. Have a nice day, minna~ ^_^

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