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 Konnichiwa.. How are you, guys & gals? Nice to meet you for you who just added me to your circle.. Hope we can be friend :)
I'm here again, well.. just wanna cool down my mind. and since I saw most of my lj friends & community I followed has moved to here (dw) for real, now I continue importing my lj post to here again. I personally still confused to decide move to here or not. I really love to be there (lj). but yeah, I'll follow my fandom wherever they go. so... may be from now on I'll frequently visit this account and hope my lj account will be fine & safe though with the implementation of new lj tos. 
 For the links of arashi files, dvd bonus, and every my master list post here, it still linking to the post on lj. I'll edit & fix it later~ too lazy to do it now, besides I don't have much time. I even can't upload my works (the old performances of Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, & Arashi) although I wanted to :(  #my busy life get started..stuck in real life# 
Ok, that's all the things I want to tell you. Hope can get the better life and keep having fun to be a fangirl, See you~
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