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These files from Grasshopper Movie DVD Special Edition Disc 2. I didn't rip Disc 1 (movie) and the making because previously I've tried to rip DVD with video duration more than 1 hour 50 minutes or almost 2 hour, but it always failed, so I given up to rip it. And I'm sure someone there already share it. I uploaded these files a few month ago, but I didn't make a post for the details, I just add the download links to My List post (f-locked). You can get the links there if you're interested to download the files.
Video resolution for all the event footage is 720x480 with format .mp4 and size above 200mb. Open the image on new tab to see it clearly. I share these all because I love Toma and hope someone will make a sub for it. he... 

  • Grasshopper Movie Unrelease Scenes

  • Grasshopper Movie Event Footage 2015.9.29

  • Grasshopper Movie Event Footage 2015.10.27

  • Grasshopper Movie Event Footage 2015.11.7

  • Grasshopper Movie Event Footage 2015.11.17 - Toma Ikuta

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Assassination Classroom Movie Special Edition, it's the first DVD for Japanese Movie that I bought last year (2015). The reason for it's because in this movie, Ryosuke plays a role of main cast :D besides I love Koro-sensei and the story of this manga version ❤
I rip the disc 1-4 for my friend who want it but don't have the player for play the DVD, and since the hard disk on my pc almost full... I decide to upload those files (except the movie and making) onto g-drive. If you haven't watch it and interested too, just click to see the pic preview of files in each disc. And, because it's g-drive, you can watch/streaming on every files before you download it. I put all the download links in here (f-locked). I make this post only to put pic for detail preview of those files. Right click on the pic then select open in new tab to see it clearly.

  • Trailer Collection +Teaser for the Sequel

  • TV Special Promote Collection

  • Korosensei making of (CG making & dubbing by Kazunari Ninomiya)

  • Interview with Students of 3E

  • Assassination Classroom Movie 2015 Roll Number Collection

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Event Footage 2015.3.4 in Tokyo Dome City Hall

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Events Footage 2015.3.(8-17) - Ryosuke Yamada

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Event Footage 2015.3.16

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Event Footage 2015.3.21 in Toho Cinema - Suprise Announcement about Kazunari Ninomiya as voice actor of Korosensei

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Events Footage 2015.3.28 - Ryosuke Yamada

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Event Footage 2015.4.24 in Toho Cinema - Ryosuke Yamada (Surprise Announcement about Assassination Classroom Movie sequel)

  • Assassination Classroom Movie Special Broadcast "Ogi Mama-style education theory learned from the movie 'Ansatsu Kyoshitsu'"

  • Visual Commentary Ryosuke Yamada & director Eiichiro Hasumi

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This post is only about details and preview of Arashi's videos that I sub and share in this lj. If you're interested to download these files, the download links can be found here. (f-locked). Click on the pic/thumbnails or open the pic/thumbnails in new tab to see it clearly. For the files that I shared to public, I'll put the links to its post here *just click the title of its files, so even if you're not my mutual friends, you can still enjoy it too~

  • Sakura - Arashi on Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.02.28 (English)

    here for the streaming

  • Sakura - Arashi on Music Station 2015.02.20 (English)

  • ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii - Season cut (English)

  • ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii - Season cut (Indonesian)      

  • ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii - 5x10 cut (Indonesian)        

  • ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii - 5x10 cut (English)

  • ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2014 THE DIGITALIAN - Kimi no Yume wo Miteita cut (English)

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Event Footage 2015.3.21 in Toho Cinema - Kazunari Ninomiya (Raw)

  • Assassination Classroom Movie - Korosensei dubbing by Kazunari Ninomiya cut (Raw)

  • ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi - Yume ni Kakeru cut (English)

  • ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi - Yume ni Kakeru cut (Indonesian)

  • ARASHI - ZERO-G (English) *from Arashi's concert THE DIGITALIAN and BLAST in Miyagi (I mix it)

  • ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Bokura ga Tsunaideiku cut (Indonesian)

  • ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Bokura ga Tsunaideiku cut (English) .avi

  • .mp4

  • ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism - Yume ni Kakeru cut (Indonesian)

My List

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-Update on Apr, 2017-

Hi, La here .. these's my beloved works that I do just to fulfill my curiousity about aegisub at the first, and then it be my behaviour when stressful time come over to my brain. Yes, I reduce my stress by subbing some performances of my inspiring idol while listen their music and watch their cool side. also.. sometimes I do this to killing time and learn English & Japanese. And I think these amount enough to makes me made this post *I never thought before that it'll be... keep increase like these?  
Well.. most of the videos & translations I use here is not from myself, but I had permission for use it from the owner. yeah, I'm just amateur who still learning... keep learning from anything & anywhere.

Reminders before you're taking the files :

Most of translations on videos I subbed here are in Bahasa Indonesia, make sure to look my note under this post before you download it. And Please Don't Re-Post, Don't Re-Upload, Don't Hotlink/Share the download links elsewhere anywhere without My permission! Just share the link back to this post if you wanna share it. Let me know if you download the file in this post (just leave comment below) :) Gracias!

Mohon untuk tidak memposting ulang, mengupload ulang, maupun menshare/membagikan link download ke situs manapun (termasuk menshare link via inbox (pm) ke teman atau siapapun)! Jika berkenan, tinggalkan kritik/sarannya tentang file yang ada dalam postingan ini di kolom komentar ya~ Terimakasih :)

Feel free to tell me if you find any mistakes on the links.

Concert :
Softsub ) Hardsub )

Live Stage/Perform :
Shounen Club ) Music Show ) School Kakumei ) Others TV Show )

Single & PV :
  1. Sayonara Sensation - Sensations
  2. Sayonara Sensation Final Battle Mode MV (S-g) download link (video format .mkv)
  3. Maware Miracle PV - Sexy Zone (M-On ver.) (S-fb) download link
  4. Hey! Say! - Hey! Say! 7 (Yamada Ryosuke angle)
  5. Yuuki 100% (Recording cut) - NYC
  6. Banzai Yume Mansai - Johnny's WEST (cut from Ninjani Movie)

DVD Bonus :
Assassination Classroom Movie 2015 ) Grasshopper Movie 2015 )

Others :
  1. Itadaki High Jump 2016.06.08 - Happy Cyoitashi Wedding cut
  2. Time Bokan 24 Opening Theme Song 2 (OVER THE TOP - Hey! Say! JUMP) cut from ep 15
  3. Shounen Club Premium 2017.01.18 - News cut: ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2016-2017 "Are You Happy?" in Tokyo Dome

Note :
font with red color means sub in Bahasa
font with blue color means sub in English
font with green color means raw
video format :  .avi /& .mp4
softsub format :  .ass

(S-lj) means 'Streaming on My livejournal account' (public)
(S-g) means 'Streaming on My google+ account' (public)
(S-fb) means 'Streaming on My facebook account' (friends only)
download links : a few on mega; some on mediafire (jump & sekuzon) ; some on googledrive (arashi & dvd bonus)

* = I've upload it, but I didn't share it yet, just wait until I share its links here.

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