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Long time no watch the full ep of SC, and somehow I miss it. Wanna watch the full version of the latest ep, but I can't find streaming video for it, I can't download it as well coz the limited space on my pc hard disk. Then I think 'just watch their performance cut was good enough to cure this feeling', although it's not the latest ep #    Thanks to those who have been willing to provide and share these suteki na performance cut ^_^
Well, I love these performances and songs.. so I sub it *it's only MQ though* Of course I can't make it without any lyrics translation. Thanks to these nee-san and nii-san (I put their name on credits) who make beautiful lyrics translation for these songs and for letting me use it ^_^
I enjoy do this, and I hope you enjoy it too~

[Shounen Club 2016.11.09 - Hey!! Summer Honey]
Kento Nakajima

video resolution : 1280x720
duration : 03.50
file size : 116mb
file format : .mp4
karaoke : yes, but semi(?) *only per word, not syllable. Kento rap was fast and long~ it made me surrender to set k-time :P

XD The Jr. behind looks more attractive than Kento *ups. ^^v

Kento & SixTONES

Kento &... Snow Man, isn't?

and this's.... Kento & Travis Japan?

Ah, Kento & Kentaro :D

Kyomo-chan & Kenty~~ *My 2princes ❤  suki suki suki~~ >o<

2princes with Jesse :D

from this angle, Kento really looks like a butterfly. um.. wait, it's more like a caterpillar! #slap

last, Kento with "the unknow*" Johnny's Jr. *Well, it may be just me who not familiar with their face & don't know their name.

credits :
raw provider : [ profile] naonyaan
romanji lyrics :
english lyrics translation : nakakenty
Indonesian lyrics translation by me *masih amatir, silakan koreksi jikalau ada salah2 translate biar nanti bisa aku diperbaiki :)

links :   English   Bahasa Indonesia


[Shounen Club Super Live 2016.11.23 Ed - Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana]
Johnny's Jr. & Sexy Zone & A.B.C-Z & J-WEST's Akito Kiriyama

video resolution : 1280x720
duration : 02.49
file size : 82,8mb
file format : .mp4
karaoke : yes
credits :
raw provider : [ profile] kyomototaiga
romanji & english lyrics translation : beast-senior810
Indonesian lyrics translation : hyoutan

links :   English   Bahasa Indonesia

Shounen Club 2014.12.10 Ed - Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana (English sub)
Sexy Zone & A.B.C-Z & J-WEST & Johnny's Jr.

1280x720  |  02.35  |  77,7mb  |  .mp4  | karaoke
raw provider credits to [ profile] tomapiya

Shounen Club 2013.06.12 Ed - Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana (English sub)
Johhny's Jr. & A.B.C-Z & Sexy Zone & Hey! Say! JUMP (Daiki, Yuto Yuya)

1025x576  |  02.38  |  81,6mb  |  .avi  | karaoke
raw provider credits to [ profile] shokura
-added--> .mp4 ver. (79,2mb)

Indonesian sub for those two performance can be found here
*p.s. sorry poe, previously I just put credits on the video, not in post #bow

[Shounen Club 2017.01.04 - STAGE]
Sexy Zone

video resolution : 1280x720
duration : 03.54
file size : 60,3mb
karaoke : no, *just wanna watch it as it is.

credits :
raw provider : Kaito Sou
romanji & Indonesian lyrics translation : [ profile] irumamoon
english lyrics translation : [ profile] r1k1t0

links :   English   Bahasa Indonesia

a.. lama ngga liat perform mereka ber-5, skrg mah udah keliatan pada dewasa ya, seneng ngeliatnya ^_^

[Shounen Club 2017.02.08 Op - Love so sweet]
Johnny's Jr. & A.B.C-Z's Fumito Kawai & J-WEST's Akito Kiriyama

video resolution : 1280x720
duration : 02.39
file size : 78,9mb
karaoke : yes

credits :
raw provider : [ profile] kyomototaiga
romanji & english lyrics translation : [ profile] yarukizero
Indonesian lyrics translation : [ profile] inung_sense

links :   English   Bahasa Indonesia

hope they'll debut soon~ *especially Snow Man & SixTONES.

If you're interested to download it, Please don't hotlink/share the download links elsewhere! re-upload the files to anywhere also not allowed!
Forgive for any mistakes on the talk translation and such, I only use my ears & eyes (amateur) to translate it. Feel free to give me your criticism and suggestion, I'll be glad to accept it :)

Actually, I've finish make a sub for these two performances too..

but I'm still not sure with my translation for these two songs, so I can't share it yet. Hm.. I may share it when I've find the others translation for it. Did anyone here know where I can find the romanji lyrics & translation for these two songs? (Eiein no Merry Go Round & Akane Sora)

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