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Jan 25, 2017. so it's time for.. birthday greeting ~~~ ! \(^.^)/


Thanks for still be a part of Arashi until now.
You're the reason why I know Arashi,
You made me start to like Hip Hop music which never take my interest to listen it before.
Thanks to be revolusioner in Johnnys who inspiring many junior and us.
Please keep your health, Hope I can see you stand on Arashi's stage until your 40th, 50th, *with your wife & son watch it on VIP bench someday :D

And Happy Birthday for all my friends who born in this month ^_^
Sorry I can't send a properly birthday greeting one by one to all of you, though it's on your birthday day.
Hope God always bless you and wish your life will full of happiness, loves, and succes! ;)

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Now you're already 23 years old, same with Yama-chan and Chii-chan *and me :P

I know you 'cause NYC. I really like you there. I still like you even though right now you works as soloist.

I always enjoyed your song, your drama, and movie. Your performance as well.

Wish all your dreams in 2017 will come true, and..

Please keep your health and give all your best for your fans! ;)

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pic from
chihiro_yamada511 @ instagram

Dai's day~

Wed, Apr. 15th, 2015 22:03
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Happy 24th Birthday Arioka Daiki
Wish All The Best for Your Future~

Keep be cheering man in JUMP and always be Chibi boy :D

Ai no Uta~

Wed, Feb. 25th, 2015 21:54
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For someone who very far away there, Happy Birthday! Wish all your dreams come true.
This's a song for your birthday gift. It isn't my song, but I hope this song will reach you :P


Ai Uta Lyric & Indo Translation )




Terimakasih untuk ka FuRaha @ furahasekai yang udah ngizin IndoTranslate-nya di-share ^_^

ini links untuk ke situsnya

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